About Us



A few years ago when we started work from the ground level, at that time when we saw the market, we felt that we can understand influencer and digital marketing more. And people needed the right platform for their talent which they were not getting.

So after a lots of studies and research, we opened this platform for those who really want to grow in their field. Whether it is Nano Influencer or a Startup Company, we are always ready to guide everyone. Because, we believe that,” the journey of a tree starts from a seed. Just as a gardener contributes in the journey from becoming a seed to tree”, similarly we also want to contribute to the growth of our client. And their growth and success will be our biggest reward.



Ranadeep is an engineer. He has always been passionate about solving real world problems. He loves to work in innovative ideas, technologies, advertising, music and marketing strategies.


Rima is an influencing enthusiast , who has worked as an influencer and content creator for some platforms. She is driven by the creative process and is passionate about turning dreams into reality. She has an innate love for art and creativity.